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Rocket Ship Animation

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This work was done following the “Rocket Ship” tutorial, created by Rohan Dalvi. This tutorial was designed on Houdini 14 and I had to adapt it to more recent versions of Houdini : […]


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This is a tutorial i’m following, it’s still a work in Progress. Tools : Houdini 17.5.

Bouncing soccer ball


This animation was done following the instructions in the tutorial “Model, animate and render a soccer ball” from the book “Houdini 16.5 Foundations”. This first video was done by using only keyframe animation. […]

Free Spiderman Maya Rig

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  If you want to have fun training your 3d character animation skills, uou could use this free Maya rig for the Spiderman character. It even has the spiderweb wrist shoot! It is […]

Rocío Espín Piñar’s portfolio


Check the portfolio of illustrator Rocío Espín Piñar. This artist mostly draws and color beautiful re-creations of classical and mythical cities. The Atlantis and Carthage drawings are amongst the best in my opinion. […]

Nice 3d version of Stitch

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  Check the nice re-creation of Walt Disney’s “Stitch” character on this page : . Wait for the page to load fully so you can orbit around the character. Done using Zbrush, Substance Painter […]