Character Design

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Characters are something we learn to love since we are children, through animations and cartoons. Creating a good character implies that people will love and relate to it on a very intimate level. It’s all about his or her personality.


The job of the professional character designer…

… is to design characters who are unique, complex people, who seem no less unique or complex than your best friend.


Areas of application

They’re not only used in cartoons. Designers use characters in commercial settings specifically because of the way people relate to them. By using a well designed character as your brand mascot you are more likely to get people to have an emotional relationship with your products or business. Characters are friendly and appeal to almost all age groups. They attract attention with their behavior and appeal.


  • Excellent 2d sketching from your concept ideas.
  • Top quality 3d character modelling and shading.



Sketches or concept ideas.


Files delivered on disc, USB drive or in the cloud.

  • Clients

    DreamCraft, Crystal Productions, Spirale Productions (Brest, France,

  • Broadcasting

    Short movies and advertisements in festivals, on TV and on the web. 3d printed characters.

  • Date

    DreamCraft, Spirale Productions (Brest, France,

  • Work place

    Since 1999

  • Software used

    Softimage, Photoshop, Zbrush