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DreamCraft : computer graphics services

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DreamCraft is a provider of high-quality graphics, from desktop publishing to 3d animation, with a broad range of services. Based in Antibes, France, the company has 15 years of experience through various production types, including 3d animated TV cartoon series, video clips, TV commercials, architectural, automotive and medical visualizations, videogames and real time, graphics for prints and web, 3d printing, CG teaching, and more. Its skills cover all phases of 3D and CG.

DreamCraft est une société de services en infographie basée à Antibes. La version Française de notre site est en préparation. A bientôt!

  • Clients

    Cartoon Network, Renault, I AM, TV5, Ellipsanime, Dargaud Media, LPG, Johnson, Mega, Ocde, Coprim, Cogedim and many more...

  • Broadcasting

    Worldwide TV channels, shops, DVD's, schools, etc.

  • Date


  • Work place

    DreamCraft, different company offices

  • Software used

    Autodesk Softimage, Maya, Max, Houdini, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.