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A gallery showing DreamCraft’s webdesign works is available here.

Web Design Gallery


Why is it important to have a website design for your company you may think? One of the key things is that it can promote your business and services to a wide audience and therefore generate lots more business. Being without a website may get you business in the community, but ultimately it can be very frustrating if people hear of your services by word of mouth and then are not able to access any information about them. Having a site gives your company a professional, polished look and enables potential clients to see your services at a glance. Websites that are well designed and maintained will reflect a similar level of service and give the impression that you are highly efficient and competent.


Areas of application

– E-commerce companies: a business model that enables a firm or individual to conduct business over the internet.

– Brochure style websites: similar in look and purpose to the print versions. This type of website might feature a history of the business, customer testimonials, as well as services and products offered by the business.

Magazine style websites: engages the visitor and entertains them. The magazine style features articles with general information and incorporates advertisements into the website that are related to the content.

– Blogs: are a great Customer-relations tool for businesses, and also make for great online journals for personal use. They let people understand you’re passionate and specialized in your business.


Our services

We create websites for businesses and organizations, providing modern designs and features, professional developement, desktop and mobile experiences optimization, affordable prices, easy maintainance. Our websites are flexible to grow with your business needs and you can easily take control of them. Here’s our areas of excellence:

  • E-Commerce websites, using CMS such as Epages Box-E-Commerce.
  • Brochure and magazine style websites using CMS such as WordPress.
  • Fully customized websites using HTML and CSS.
  • Blog and social media content management and liveliness.
  • Web sites overhauls.
  • Referencing and SEO.
  • Get your WordPress site quickly online, then follow a course on how to maintain and keep it alive.
  • Setup of products data streams and online databases.
  • Store management.


– Text content.

– Graphic concept ideas.


– We’ll deliver your finished website online.

  • Clients

    Treflex (Golfe Juan, France, www.cleanroller.fr), Elvana Agora (Antibes, France, www.elvanaagora.com), 4A Coaching (Antibes, France, www.4a-coaching.fr), Oakis (Paris, France), Château du Haut Koenigsbourg, Société Générale.

  • Broadcasting

    The web.

  • Date

    DreamCraft, Treflex (Golfe Juan, France, www.treflex.fr), Oakis (Paris, France).

  • Work place

    Since 1998

  • Software used

    Dreamweaver, WordPress, Epages Box-E-Commerce, MS Office, Xhtml, Css, Javascript.