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Maya Time Editor

At last a serious replacement for XSI’s Animation Mixer! Just like the Animation Mixer, Maya’s Time Editor allows the user to mix several different animations in order to produce one final animations. For example if you animated a character running, then the same character walking, then the same character jumping in the air to do […]

DreamCraft Digital V9

After a few weeks of work, I have the pleasure of formalizing the launch of the new version of my website!! The objectives of this new version are: Focus more on images than texts. Set up a WordPress theme that is more suited to artists and their portfolios. My choice: HelloMouse. Create more direct access […]

Rocket Ship Animation

This work was done following the “Rocket Ship” tutorial, created by Rohan Dalvi. This tutorial was designed on Houdini 14 and I had to adapt it to more recent versions of Houdini : from v15 to v18. It’s been a work in progress for several years as I never had the time to complete it, […]

DreamCraft Digital is NOT the creator of Adopt Me

About 2 months ago, I started receiving a lot of emails about a game called “Adopt Me” that’s part of Roblox. Here is a sample of the emails I received : “I have recently been asked by my daughter to contact you in regards to an update she would like to see implemented into her […]


This is a tutorial i’m following, it’s still a work in Progress. Tools : Houdini 17.5.

Bouncing soccer ball

This animation was done following the instructions in the tutorial “Model, animate and render a soccer ball” from the book “Houdini 16.5 Foundations”. This first video was done by using only keyframe animation. In this second video, I used the rigid bodies dynamics engine in Houdini. Compared to previous 3d apps I was using before, […]

Kingdom Come Deliverance: a game so great I don’t want to play it!

  I am often asked if I like video games. Well I do but I try not to play. Why? Because then I become too addicted and it takes all my time. I am especially found of medieval-fantasy games. I saw some videos from Kingdom Come Deliverance. This is the kind of world I’d easily […]

Free Spiderman Maya Rig

  If you want to have fun training your 3d character animation skills, uou could use this free Maya rig for the Spiderman character. It even has the spiderweb wrist shoot! It is available on the 20 years old Highend 3D website! Link to the rig’s download page : Thanks to the Matthew Lowe for […]

Rocío Espín Piñar’s portfolio

Check the portfolio of illustrator Rocío Espín Piñar. This artist mostly draws and color beautiful re-creations of classical and mythical cities. The Atlantis and Carthage drawings are amongst the best in my opinion. Click here to go to his portfolio :

Minor update of DavidSaber.Com

  I just updated my other site: DavidSaber.Com. These days I focus more on DreamCraft. But although I don’t use this website anymore, I like to keep it up and running. The old PHPThumb scripts were causing problems with thumbnails not being created, resulting in a lot of missing picture in my web design. So […]

Nice 3d version of Stitch

  Check the nice re-creation of Walt Disney’s “Stitch” character on this page : . Wait for the page to load fully so you can orbit around the character. Done using Zbrush, Substance Painter and Marmoset.

Early Man: Aardman Animations does it again!

Some days ago I watched the movie Early Man (2018). Me and my son loved it! It’s filled with gags and the character animation is perfect. However the scenario is a bit too close to another nice movie I watched before : Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001). But the overall rating is […]

3D-printing gets a turbo boost from U-M technology

Algorithm allows 3-D printers to “read ahead” of their programming to boost speeds. A major drawback to 3-D printing – the slow pace of the work – could be alleviated through a software algorithm developed at the University of Michigan. The algorithm allows printers to deliver high-quality results at speeds up to two times faster than […]

Fractals in Houdini

A very nice demonstration of fractals in Houdini, thanks to Thomas Volkmann.