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First gallery up!

The first gallery has been created. All galleries will be visible on this page. The first gallery that was added to our website is the 3d Modelling and Shading one. It was uploaded some days ago and was improved today. For now, all pictures are from old productions. Our new productions’ pictures and videos will […]

French Riviera’s CG Artists Meetup at NavLab in January

  Présentation en français (english below) : Suite aux rencontres de Septembre et de Novembre 2015, voici venu le temps d’un nouveau CG Artists meetup ! La date prévue est : le jeudi 28 janvier 2016. Nous nous retrouverons une fois encore au NavLab ! Ce grand fablab, dont je suis un habitué, est situé […]

French Riviera’s CG Artists Meetup at NavLab in November

  Présentation en français (english below) : La première rencontre entre infographiste s’est déroulée en Septembre. Un petit groupe de passionnés de la 3D et 2D se sont rassemblés à l’Australian Bar d’Antibes. Nous avons fait connaissance, échangé des connaissances au point de vue technique, jobs et études. C’était une bonne soirée ! Clickez sur […]

Life After Pi

  I just watched “Life After Pi”. It’s a short documentary about Rhythm & Hues Studios, the L.A. based Visual Effects company that won an Academy Award for its groundbreaking work on “Life of Pi”… just two weeks after declaring bankruptcy. “Life After Pi” shows how VFX companies are under a lot of pressure while […]

First Meetup for the French Riviera’s CG Artists!

  Hi all, In September I’m organizing the first meeting for the Cannes-Antibes-Nice-Monaco area CG artists! This new Meetup group is for all computer graphics artists in the Côte d’Azur. Every skills are welcome ! 2D, 3D, web, video, print, etc. The main goal is to meet new people and make new friends thanks to […]

Boba fett resurrected

  Thanks to this trailer-like short movie, using 3d graphics and animation, Boba fett is back! Kudos to Eric Demeusy for the outstanding work! Watch it below :   More info on this link : .  

NavLab community

Check out the NavLab community. NavLab is a fablab, a 3d printing facility, and also the co-working space where I stay several days per week. It has a nice community that you need to join! So click here!

Does CG suck?

  I just read two interesting article about computer graphic imagery in modern movies. The first one tells “6 Reasons Modern Movie CGI Looks Surprisingly Crappy”. In this article, David Christopher Bell complains about the lack of rules in the use of visual effects in modern movies: There is some kind of answer to […]

Unreal Engine pictures

Incredible what realtime can deliver these days. Yes, this is real time! Check this Flickr gallery.

Realistic 3d girl

Check this amazing realistic 3d girl made by Jungwon Park at the CG Society Gallery.

Auto Character Setup

Riging is becoming more and more easy in modern 3d packages. Check this video of a new Modo plugin : Auto Character Setup (ACS).

Horror at the beach

Jellyfish in Antibes

As much as I love the Côte d’Azur area, I dislike the jellyfishes that infest its beaches. Being used to Greece too, I can testify it’s possible to swim in most places there without the nuisance of these damn creepy disgusting creatures. But in Côte d’Azur, it is not unusual to come across jellyfishes. The sight […]

Water your plants

When to Water your plants? It’s all about paying attention. If you see you plant look sad, leaves looking down, then I guess it’s about time. Make them happy , they’re living beings too! Here’s the timelapse of a plant that just drank and was very thirsty!! Author: Xavier. Shot by a Gopro.

Excellent introduction to 3D

The Guerilla CG Project offers a series of very nicely made, very interesting videos that introduce 3d graphics to the beginers. It’s an excellent course for newbies, but for experienced artists, it’s also refreshing to watch. It clears up many 3d concepts that we practise but not always understand. I watched all the series and […]

Rob Gonsalves’ optical illusion art

These are the mind-bending optical illusion paintings that will leave your head in a spin. Rob Gonsalves, 55, created the incredible acrylic paintings that depict two separate scenes merging into one. The visual artist, from Toronto, Canada, uses a range of cityscapes, nature and planets in his paintings in a bid to confuse those looking […]

As real as it gets!

Hi everyone! First, just check this video, we’ll talk about it later …     Hah! Incredible isn’t it? Here is the offical page: DigitalEmily, including a 1080p Version. Even if this is nearly 7 years old, it is still an outstanding re-creation of real life! Image Metrics is a technology company: , also behind “Faceware”, a Facial […]

Empty page: a nice short movie

This 3d short movie by Siavash Kodaie won the first prise at the CTLPDX FILMS festival. Watch it at : Viewster com. Here is some information about this festival: Centralportland org. Now it needs your votes for Viewster’s online festival. Watch it, please vote and share if you like it. Thanks! The modeling was done in 3ds max, […]