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Configuring Kodi with Imon remote

  Hi all! For those using Kodi Media Center and the Soundgraph Imon Pad remote, I have prepared some files for you.   Notes These files are works in progress. Feel free to contact me for questions and suggestions. I’ll update this page when there are new versions of these files. I don’t use Kodi […]

Repairing a toy using 3d modelling and 3d printing

  Hi ! Today I’d like to tell you how I repaired one of my kid’s toys. It’s a good example of what can be done with 3d modelling and 3d printing, and how they can be used to save objects and devices that you would otherwise throw in the dustbin. At DreamCraft, we have a […]

Previous websites content migration

Previous website content and medias are being migrated from our old websites to Dream Craft Digital Com. We’ll keep you posted when we complete all content migration.

3d-printing my frog!

  The background More than ten years ago, I was learning 3d and how to properly animate a character. I created Korky the frog to help me learn modelling, texturing, UV editing. Then I used Korky as a base to learn rigging, character animation, doing a lot of test and practising. Finally I released the […]

Choosing a name for a CG business

It is not easy to find a name for a 3d & general computer graphics company. In my opinion, it should reflect creativity, originality, confidence, but also non-conformism. One of the best company name I know is “A large Evil Corporation”. This small London based company does some cute cartoons. So the name contrasts with […]

Theme selection

I have chosen the Indigamer theme for my site. The team behind it is a company called CssIngniter, they have lots of good looking theme and they’re Greek! I am now setting up this theme…

New WordPress based website

Hello, I’m starting to build version 8 of my website on WordPress. It’s progressing slowly as I have many other projects currently running. Once it will be ready, it will replace version 7. Cheers, David

New job: Lucky Luke TV commercial

  JANUARY 2013: LUCKY LUKE, TV commercial Work place: Once Upon a Toon, Angoulême, France ( Position: 3d modeler. Tasks: modeled facial expressions for Lucky Luke and other characters through Shapes. Software used: Softimage 2012. Client: Sparkassen, Ellipsanime, broadcast on TV channels. The TV commercial is about some public transportation brand. This was an intersting […]

New job: The Linkers

SEPTEMBER 2012: THE LINKERS, 3d animated children TV series Work place: Once Upon a Toon, Angoulême, France ( Position: 3d modeler. Tasks: modeled props and whole sets. Software used: Softimage 2011. Client: Dargaud Media and Ellipsanime, series broadcast on worldwide TV channels. Lots of stuff to model for the characters to interact with. Interesting job, […]

Tel domain added

Hi all, I have set up a Tel domain for all my contacts, and added it to my web site. I’m now designing version 7 of Here is the link to the Tel page :


Syzygium everyone! Some new photos have been added to my web site. Check them out at : . Cheers.

Jason has arrived!

Hello my friends!   Jason has arrived ! He was born on the 2nd of April, at 17:41. His name is Jason (for english and french speakers) or Iasonas (for Greek speakers).His photos and videos are in this web site. Me and Elvana are very happy!   Very soon you will all meet your new […]

Nouvelle version de mon site

Je viens de mettre en ligne une nouvelle version de mon site, dites-moi ce que vous en pensez! David Saber Com


just testing this…

Animated constraints

  Understanding how animated constraints work in Xsi Author : David, created in: April 2006, last updated in; March 2010 Note: this article is for the defunct Softimage XSI but constrains could work the same in your 3d package of choice. I noticed a problem with animated constraints in XSI 5.1. This problem was already […]

The red eyes tree frogs

The red eyes tree frogs : some information about them   Author: David. Created in: 2004. Last updated in: April 2010. While working on The Frog 2, I’ve been looking for information and photos of red eyes tree frog. I found this creature very interesting. Here is my summary on the subject.   Red eyes […]

The Making of The Frog 2

  Some notes about my work on this short movie   Introduction Author: David, created in: 2004, last updated in: April 2010 Welcome to the “making of the Frog 2” pages. Here are some tips, techniques and explanations about the work for this short movie. I’ll also explain some mistakes I’ve done and how I […]