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DreamCraft Digital is NOT the creator of Adopt Me

About 2 months ago, I started receiving a lot of emails about a game called “Adopt Me” that’s part of Roblox. Here is a sample of the emails I received : “I have recently been asked by my daughter to contact you in regards to an update she would like to see implemented into her […]

3d-printing my frog!

  The background More than ten years ago, I was learning 3d and how to properly animate a character. I created Korky the frog to help me learn modelling, texturing, UV editing. Then I used Korky as a base to learn rigging, character animation, doing a lot of test and practising. Finally I released the […]

Choosing a name for a CG business

It is not easy to find a name for a 3d & general computer graphics company. In my opinion, it should reflect creativity, originality, confidence, but also non-conformism. One of the best company name I know is “A large Evil Corporation”. This small London based company does some cute cartoons. So the name contrasts with […]


Syzygium everyone! Some new photos have been added to my web site. Check them out at : . Cheers.