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Website updates

DreamCraft Digital V9

After a few weeks of work, I have the pleasure of formalizing the launch of the new version of my website!! The objectives of this new version are: Focus more on images than texts. Set up a WordPress theme that is more suited to artists and their portfolios. My choice: HelloMouse. Create more direct access […]

Minor update of DavidSaber.Com

  I just updated my other site: DavidSaber.Com. These days I focus more on DreamCraft. But although I don’t use this website anymore, I like to keep it up and running. The old PHPThumb scripts were causing problems with thumbnails not being created, resulting in a lot of missing picture in my web design. So […]

First gallery up!

The first gallery has been created. All galleries will be visible on this page. The first gallery that was added to our website is the 3d Modelling and Shading one. It was uploaded some days ago and was improved today. For now, all pictures are from old productions. Our new productions’ pictures and videos will […]

Previous websites content migration

Previous website content and medias are being migrated from our old websites to Dream Craft Digital Com. We’ll keep you posted when we complete all content migration.

Choosing a name for a CG business

It is not easy to find a name for a 3d & general computer graphics company. In my opinion, it should reflect creativity, originality, confidence, but also non-conformism. One of the best company name I know is “A large Evil Corporation”. This small London based company does some cute cartoons. So the name contrasts with […]

Theme selection

I have chosen the Indigamer theme for my site. The team behind it is a company called CssIngniter, they have lots of good looking theme and they’re Greek! I am now setting up this theme…

New WordPress based website

Hello, I’m starting to build version 8 of my website on WordPress. It’s progressing slowly as I have many other projects currently running. Once it will be ready, it will replace version 7. Cheers, David


Syzygium everyone! Some new photos have been added to my web site. Check them out at : . Cheers.