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Choosing a name for a CG business

It is not easy to find a name for a 3d & general computer graphics company. In my opinion, it should reflect creativity, originality, confidence, but also non-conformism.
One of the best company name I know is “A large Evil Corporation”. This small London based company does some cute cartoons. So the name contrasts with the company’s actual activity, gaining a very funny tone.
I was tempted to get a similar off-beat, funny name, and that’s why I first came up with the name “Weirdo”. I thought a weirdo was a cool, non-conformism guy. But my English speaking friends told me it was not such a nice idea : weirdo is mostly a word for someone dangerous that you don’t want to hang around with. With such a name, the “confidence” requirement is lost. So I had to forget Weirdo Graphics, although I already had bought 2 domain names GGGGRRRR!
Then I had the weird idea to name the company “graphiticus”, but my friends vetoed it immediatly.
I needed to be more serious about my business’ name. So I wondered: what’s the big picture behind graphic creations? Let’s see how it works: first you have an idea, a dream. Then you master an art to create it.
Bye bye Weirdo, Bye bye Graphiticus, welcome DreamCraft!

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