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This 3d short movie by Siavash Kodaie won the first prise at the CTLPDX FILMS festival. Watch it at : Viewster com. Here is some information about this festival: Centralportland org. Now it needs your votes for Viewster’s online festival. Watch it, please vote and share if you like it. Thanks!

The modeling was done in 3ds max, texture in Mudbox and Photoshop, animation and render in Softimage with Arnold and composite in Nuke. I really enjoyed this short. Not only the animation is great, but also the textures, lights, backdrops etc. The main character is funny and the story is original too. You’ll find a lot of subtlety in the way the characters act, which make this animation stand out in the crowd. This animator has top notch acting skills in my opinion.
Please note : this is 14 minutes long! knowing it was created by one single guy, it is a huge, huge accomplishment of colossal proportions. It’s a bit long to watch but it’s full of gags and fineness, so it’s a pleasure. Grab a coffee and Watch it. Then vote!! He deserves it by large.

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