DreamCraft Digital is NOT the creator of Adopt Me

About 2 months ago, I started receiving a lot of emails about a game called “Adopt Me” that’s part of Roblox. Here is a sample of the emails I received :

“I have recently been asked by my daughter to contact you in regards to an update she would like to see implemented into her favorite Roblox game, Adopt me. My daughter is in her words going to be really happy if you make a dinosaur update. My daughter has specified the types of dinosaurs as well as the rarity level she sees as appropriate for each dinosaur. These being T-Rex, as legendary. Also Brontosaurus as ultra rare.”

“Hi guys. I am a player of adopt me and I was wondering if there is a way for u to bring back the safari eggs. I really want a giraffe and nobody will trade theirs”

“My daughter has had a flyable rideable turtle stolen from this game without her approving trading it. She paid for it with her own money. I expect you to reinstate her turtle immediately. I look forward to your urgent response.”

At the begining I thought it was some kind of spam or elaborate pishing… But then I noticed these emails didn’t have suspect links. So I wondered why was I receiving so may emails about little girl’s poneys and such ?

I tried a web search : “adopt me dreamcraft”. I was amazed to learn the creators of this game were called DreamCraft just as my website!

So let me clear things up: DreamCraft Digital is David Saber’s website. I provide computer graphics services, mostly in 3D.

DreamCraft Digital is not affiliated with DreamCraft or Roblox in any way whatsoever !!! I am NOT going to customize your daughter’s Poney !!! 🙂

I think the proper website for adopt me tech support is : https://playadopt.me/support/

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  1. Hey! i was hacked some of my pets in ”adopt me.” can u give them back to me, my roblox user is kik****.
    Pets i got hacked: ( golden penguin,kangaroo,Ride neon bee,ride neon monkey,ride elephant,albinomonkey , Fly ride turtle ,ride sloth ,ride horse,cow) awesome game, i love it! I would be so happy if i can get my pets back.

  2. Goddammit!! Can’t people read? MY WEBSITE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ADOPT ME! I even put the link to the Adopt Me support web page but people don’t even read that!

  3. My dream I still have two mega neon of every single pet in adopt me that there is and will be and for neons of everything and 16 of everything that’s all I’ve ever wanted for a long time and I was hoping that you can make it come true

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