DreamCraft Digital V9

After a few weeks of work, I have the pleasure of formalizing the launch of the new version of my website!!

The objectives of this new version are:

  1. Focus more on images than texts.
  2. Set up a WordPress theme that is more suited to artists and their portfolios. My choice: HelloMouse.
  3. Create more direct access to service pages and integrate related galleries.
  4. Reorganize the menu to be more convenient and faster.
  5. Create the “productions” pages that were already planned on version 8, but that I never had time to realize. Now, these pages are not finished yet and I will be moving them forward little by little. Many of these pages will be converted from my old site DavidSaber.Com.
  6. Putting new prods: there too, it is underway.
  7. Have a home page more focused on my services and less on the Blog.
  8. Finally have a French version!
  9. Greeting the mouse.

So I wish you a good read and tell me what you think of this new version!

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