Horror at the beach

Jellyfish in Antibes

As much as I love the Côte d’Azur area, I dislike the jellyfishes that infest its beaches. Being used to Greece too, I can testify it’s possible to swim in most places there without the nuisance of these damn creepy disgusting creatures. But in Côte d’Azur, it is not unusual to come across jellyfishes.
The sight of a jellyfish swimming just near you isn’t pleasant, but hopefully you or another swimmer notice them and sounds the alarm before one gets bitten. Kids and adults then wield their fishing nets and throw the captured blobs in the beach’s dustbins.
There are days however when the medusas have the upper hand. Last May, on the beach I use to go, the water was packed with these monsters. They were bigger than my 2 hands. In some areas, they were so close to each other that I first thought they were seaweed. No need to say there was not one swimmer in sight.



Hopefull these guys are not everyday at the beach. Most of the times I don’t have to worry for jellyfishes at Antibes’ beaches.

But some people say the proliferation of jellyfish is due to excessive fishing. The sight of these oversized specimens should be a wake up call.

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