Character Animation

Character animation allows you to convey your message through cute, scary, or highly human-like characters. Producing an animated commercial can be cheaper than a live production, offering limitless possibilities for your commercial, video clip, or TV series. Want your character to sprout twenty arms after sipping your energy drink? You can make it happen. The character you create will become the recognizable face of your brand.

The loss of the sausage at the canteen when you’re sickSuper Sausages

Virus and humansSuper Sausages

Objects Animation

Effective use of animation can showcase the full potential of a service, product, or engineered system, surpassing the capabilities of PowerPoint, illustrations, handouts, or live-action TV commercials. Examples include: enhancing a dull system with engaging graphics and animation, demonstrating product functionality without physical setup, providing virtual tours of facilities or properties using 3D animation, presenting products or facilities still in development, and making any company’s offerings more appealing and dynamic, thereby increasing perceived value.

Baby Collection

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Rigging involves adding bones and control objects to characters or mechanical devices, playing a central role in animation. A Character TD creates test animations to demonstrate how a character deforms in different poses, making corrective adjustments as needed. Animators subsequently utilize the rig as a puppet for animation.

The Garfield Show Season 3Super Sausages

Animations for Code Lyoko 2 TV seriesSuper Sausages

Visual Effects

Visual effects (VFX) involve altering, creating, or enhancing imagery for live-action media, filling gaps that cannot be captured during filming due to cost, danger, impracticality, or impossibility. Examples of 3D visual effects include fire, liquids, smoke, clouds, sand, explosions, destruction, etc. The benefits of visual effects include storytelling freedom, allowing filmmakers, writers, and directors to tell any story they desire. For instance, characters can transform into other characters, creatures, liquids, or even smoke.

3d Animation

Today, animation predominantly employs 3D and 2D computer graphics across various mediums such as film, TV commercials, video clips, computer games, cartoons, documentaries, YouTube videos, trade show kiosk displays, product demos, and more.

My Service

With 20 years of experience in animation, I provide character animations, objects animations, motion design, animation assets such as rigs, and 3D visual FX.

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