Production notes:

One day I asked a friend “what are you going to do for Halloween” and he replied “I’m going to look in the mirror”. So I had the idea of creating an animation in which a monster does exactly that: he looks in the mirror, gets scared by his reflection, then runs away. It was also an exercise to train myself on materials (searching for a gell-o material), rendering and character animation.

Currently I don’t have a final rendering of this animation but one day, Mr Gluesome’s animation will have a new rendering.

I often stood in front of the mirror alone, wondering how ugly a person could get.

Charles Bukowski

Mister Gluesome

My tasks: modeling, texturing, lights, envelopes, shapes, character animation, animation mixer, rendering, sound editing, video editing, DVD authoring, and everything else.


personal project

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Apps used:
XSI5, Photoshop 8, Sony Vegas 6, DVD Architect 3

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