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Production notes:

This is part of a broader project a client asked for. After the client’s task was finished, I kept animating one of the scenes and got this result.
This rigged girl was purchased by my client and I did not alter her in any way.
In the final client-side rendering, there was no colors except for the girl. Everything was simplified with whitish colors. So I reworked the scene to make it more colorful and to get a different feel.
I did the lighting for the scene. I re-did the materials and textures for the props and environment (but not for the girl). The materials and render is Arnold.
I also did the girl’s animation and render this sequence.


Crédits :

3D character «Martin girl»:
– modeling, surfacing, rig: CartoonFactory
– Animation: David Saber
Scenery, props:
– Modeling: Okenite
– surfacing, lighting, rendering: David Saber




Project details:

Production: The loss of the sausage at the canteen when you’re sick

Date: 2020-11

Work place: home

Clients: Personal project

Apps used: Maya 2020, Arnold, Premiere Pro 14


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