Short animation test, WMV video

WMV8 352×288 2Mb

Production notes:

My client, Crystal Production, was based in Guadeloupe, a french island in the caribbean. Crystal was tasked with providing character animation for a TV spot about a local soda brand. The TV spot was to be broadcast on the french TV channel “RFO”, which exists in the Overseas Departments and Territories. Crystal asked me to take care of this soda brand’s mascot: Skippy. I had to model, texture and rig the octopus.

Original soda mascot, used for reference when I created the 3d character

Lost and Found again

Today I can’t find Skippy on the web. But at Amazon I stumbled upon a weird glass and bowl series. They’re decorated with an octopus called “Skippy”. So perhaps Skippy was found again. But now he’s changed, he’s matured. He threw his cap and got an opera hat, a pair of glasses and a big moustache.

The fact that three-fifths of an octopus’ neurons are not in their brain, but in their arms, suggests that each arm has a mind of its own.

Sy Montgomery

Skippy updated in 2023 and given for free

I just updated this character, partly repaired the UV, created new textures and I redid the rig so that it’s more handy to animate. I’m also giving it for free to help animators practice the follow through and overlapping action principle. Find it locally, at Turbosquid or at Highend3D!


3d allrounder for the Skippy TV commercial. My tasks: modeled, toon textured, rigged, animated, toon rendered a cartoon style octopus, for a TV commercial about sodas.


Octopus used in a TV commercial about sodas, broadcast on RFO, French TV channel

Work place:
teleworking from home

Software used:
XSI 1.5, Photoshop

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