Production notes:

An English video game company called Jagex had posted a job offer for a character modeler position. To apply, you had to pass a test: create the modeling and textures of a goblin, based on the drawings of a Jagex artist.

So I got to work, but an unforeseen event forced me to put this project on hold for more than a month. When I returned to work, recruitment was over, but I wanted to finish this project, which had become personal.

Tolkien popularized goblins in his epic epics, such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. He imagined them as anthropomorphic creatures living deep in caves.

Philippe Geluck

Finally I sent the result to Jagex explaining to them that I had not been able to submit the work on time and that I knew that the recruitment had passed. They still told me that they really liked my work!

The Goblin

My tasks: all 3D, concept drawings by Jagex.


personal project

Work place:
at home

Apps used:
Softimage Xsi 6.5, Zbrush 3, Photoshop CS3

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