Character animations for “Les virus et les humains”

In July 2020, french company Okenite entrusted a character animation task to me. These animations were intended for their customer Persomed, a corporation that broadcast informative video clips on various medical subjects.
The Strasbourg Faculty of Medicine wanted an information campaign about Covid and masks. This resulted in 3 small clips, sponsored by the Credit Mutuel Bank and the CIC Insurances. This mini-series’ name is « Les virus et les humains ».
In these 3 clips, a family finds itself in many situations: at the office, at school, at home, on the street, etc. These scenes are used to show the mask usage’s “dos and don’ts”.
I was tasked with animating the 3 family members, following the instructions of the script and the 3D animatic. As the deadline was truly short, I spent several days and evenings working on it. But despite of that, I have to say I had a lot of fun. Animating cartoon characters is what I prefer to do in 3D. So I’ve let off steam! My client enjoyed my work.
The rigs were well made, but they seem to generate lots of crashes. I often had to restart Maya, re-launch these heavy scenes, which made me waste lots of time.
Once this work was complete, I kept animating one of this production’s scene. This was a “free wandering” that I experimented by enriching the canteen scene. It became a personal project that I named “The loss of the sausage”.


On the top of this page, there is a video of all the shots I have worked on. Some parts are taken from the final video, while other are simple “Playblasts”. At the end of the video, there is a version of an animation that I had to correct: the home scene, for which I was told that it turned too much into an argument. Then there’s “The loss of the sausage at the canteen when you’re sick”, a situation we’ve all experienced.


This is the full info video, as embedded on these websites :

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3D characters «Martin family » :

  • modeling, surfacing, rig : CartoonFactory
  • Animation : David Saber

Scenery, props :

  • modeling, surfacing, FX, lighting, rendering : Okenite
  • Animation : David Saber


Pictures from the web sites involved in the project :



Project details :

Production: Les virus et les humains

Date: 2020-07

Workplace: from home

Okenite http//, Faculté de Médecine de Strasbourg, Education et Prévention Santé

Apps used: Maya 2020, Premiere Pro 14


Project, Production

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