Production notes:

Boss Borot’s official name is Boss Robot. In french it’s called Beliorak. This is a giant robot that primarily serves as the comic relief for the series it appears in. It was created when its pilot Boss had scientists in the Photon Power Laboratory make his own giant robot to compete with Mazinger Z. But due to the limited resources, it was unable to come anywhere close to the performance of the Mazinger.

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Boss Borot is controlled by a steering wheel from a large dump truck. In terms of durability, Boss Borot is very weak, usually breaking apart very easily from an enemy attack as it was constructed from scrap metal.

It has shown a decent amount of strength, able to drag the Mazinger Z and Diana A out of a pithole.

Borot comes from the Japanese phrase for “crumbling” (boro-boro) in reference to its construction from scrap metal..

Boss Borot the robot

My tasks: The character Beliorak appears in the japanese manga Ufo Robot Grendizer, and was designed by Go Nagai. Recreating Beliorak was for me an exercise while learning Maya.

Project details


Maya training personal project

Lieu de travail:
Oakis, Paris, France

Apps used:
Maya 3, Photoshop 5

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