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Production notes

I was on holiday in Ireland when Cube Creative called me to work on commercials. One of them was dedicated to a new LPG Endermologie device called “Huber“. It is a motorized platform, allowing a global functional rehabilitation, especially for the back.

If you would seek health, look first to the spine.


The 3D part of this presentation was created in the Parisian company “Cube Creative”, by a team of 5 or 6 graphic designers and 3D animators, of which I was a part.

LPG Endermologie’s Huber Spineforce

Corporate film on LPG Huber: a machine to treat back pain and correct posture. The LPG company had asked Cube Creative to make a presentation film for this machine and I was part of the Cube team at the time.

Position : 3d all-rounder. Tasks : modeled and animated the inside of the human body, on which the LPG HUBER machine strengthens the spinal column.

Project details


LPG Endermologie, movie supplied on DVD and web for buyers

Work place:
Cube Creative, Paris, France,

Apps used:

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