Production notes:

When my career in 3D graphics started, I was still trying to learn a lot of things in character animation. This frog personal projet acted as a guinea pig to test out many things in 3d animation, on the technical side and on the animation principles side.

I created this character from A to Z, taking as references some red eyes tree frog photos. More info in the “making of” blog post.

For a frog an ocean is an exaggerated hypothesis.

Sw. Chidananda Tirtha

The Frog

My tasks: modeling, texturing, materials, lighting, enveloping, shapes creation, character animation, animation mixer, rendering, sound editing, DVD authoring, and everything else.

The Frog


personal project

Lieu de travail:
from home

Apps utilisées:
XSI 3, Photoshop, Soundforge, Premiere, ReelDVD

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