Invisible Man sequences : 2d and 3d animation composited together.



Animation reel 2012 : video editing by David Saber



Animations for Code Lyoko 2 TV series : video editing by David Saber



What is video editing for?

invisibleman_btn– TV broadcasts : video editing, video effects and compositing for TV series such as cartoons.

– Corporate movies : with a corporate video you can explain your ideas and ideals to a targeted audience. Get employees and customers engaged with your business, and create a stronger brand.

– Commercial Video Production: a great commercial turns channel surfers into buyers.

– Training Support Video Production: use them to deliver messages that you can’t always get in live training sessions, deliver remote training via DVD or the Web. Using video for training and support also helps your organizations to cut its travel costs, an added benefit in a time of decreasing budgets and cost-cutting procedures.

– Sales Marketing Video Production that can be used as a perfect tool to assist with both sales and marketing for your company or organization. A sales video can help convey value proposition more effectively, create credibility and generate desire for a company’s products or services.

– Social media: broadcast your video clip or movie on social media websites surch as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

– Blu-Ray and DVD authoring: show your work or message through high-quality picture.


Project details:

My services: My business is to understand your business. Whether your goal is to educate, inform, entertain or promote, I’ll help you achieve an engaging video that will be delivered on time and on budget. My skills : Video editing (montage), Video effects and compositing, Audio Editing, Blu-Ray and DVD authoring, Online setup.

Applications: TV broadcasts, Corporate movies, Commercials, Training & Support, Sales & Marketing, Blu-Ray and DVD authoring

Requirements: Raw video. Concept ideas. I approach every client and every project with one goal… to make the client’s message unforgettable.

Supply: Finished video online, and on a physical hard copy, on disc or USB drive.


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