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Rocket Ship Animation

This work was done following the “Rocket Ship” tutorial, created by Rohan Dalvi. This tutorial was designed on Houdini 14 and I had to adapt it to more recent versions of Houdini : from v15 to v18. It’s been a work in progress for several years as I never had the time to complete it, I was neglecting this task as I had to fulfil other duties.

The “featured image” on top was the final still image render I did in december. The sequence render was launch in january but was interrupted many times as I had to launch other renders 🙂 then I forgot to relaunch the Rocket renders … before recalling it had to be done. How time flies!

Finally, I finished this tutorial today. I finished all renders, didn’t dig much into compositing, and converted the png images to MP4. Whew!

Above is the final animation with some sound added. Below are some renders.


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